Blogroll 2011

Turkish Iraq Operation
Turkish Stealth Ships Launched
Turkey New Military Chief
Of the Istanbul Gold Bars
Stargate Orion Moon and Venus Izmir Turkey
Air Show Izmir Turkey 2011
558th Anniversary of the Conquest of Istanbul
Turkey Anzac Day 2011
100th anniversary of the Turkish Air Force
Of the “Heart of Arkansas” Diamond
Ankara Moon
From the Ashes of the Phoenix
Of the “Silver Moon” Diamond
Turkish Frigates Evacuate Civilians
Turkey Develops New Attack Helicopter
Turkish Air Force Dogfight Exercises
Turkish Air Force 100th anniversary

Blogroll 2010

Turkey to make its own fighter jet
Turkish Navy Regional Security
Pakistan Turkey Joint Defence Productions
Turkey Supplies Pakistan with Power
Turkey Security Exercises 2010
Turkish PM visits Pakistan
Turkey Victory Day 2010
Turkey makes changes in its ‘Secret Constitution’
Kecskemet Air Show
British PM promised to “fight” for Turkey’s EU

Turkey Unviels First Drone Aircraft
Turkey becomes global power in construction
Turkey Clashes with PKK Terrorists
Turkish EFES-2010 Military Exercise
Turkish Raid

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