Crown Jewels:

Amazon Priestess Enchantress Crown Jewel
Of the Diamond Emerald Beehive Crown
Of the African Crown Jewel Diamond


Of the Priestess Dwarf Planet Xena
Of the Sedna Mermaid Moon
Of the Seven Sisters
Of the 2012 Seven Sisters Eclipse


Of the Priestess Chornancap Ear Ornaments
Of the Ix Chel ” Rainbow Woman “
Of the ISIS – Ix Chel Statues
Of the Quetzal Amazon Priestess
Of the Ippissimus Queen Bee
Of the Queen Bee Royal Jelly
Of the Greek Amazon Priestess Artifacts
Of the West Mata “Astral Mirror” Volcanos
Of the Starbucks Mermaid
Of the Ix Chel Mayan Moon Goddess Priestess


Of the Priestess Mirror
Of the Priestess Hartley Rose Cross
Of the Priestess Hartley Rose Cross


Of the Atlantean High House
Of the Samurai Priestess