Solar System

Of the Kepler Planets
Of the Tatooine Star Wars Planets
Of the Wandering Brown Dwarfs
Of the Crystalline White Moon
Of the Martian Cataclysm
Of the Martian Meteorites
Of the Martian Etheric Water World
Of the Martian Amazonis Planitia Dust Devil
Of the Marti Vallis in the Amazonis Quadrangle of Mars
Of the Ancient Volcanic Ash of Mars
Of the Martian Volcanic Ash Covering
Of the Toxic Surface of Mars
Of the Curiosity’s “The Mound” Landing Spot
Of the Curiosity’s “The Mound” Landing
Of the Martian “Rocknest”
Of the Martian “Mound” Debris
Of the Martian Spaceship “Ornament” Rock
Of the Interior of Mars
Of the Saturn and Titan Vortexes
Of the Ancient Iapetus Battlestation Moon
Of the Ancient Mimas and Tethys Space Stations
Of the Saturn Moon Artifact
Of the Saturn Phenomena
Of the Methane Moon Titan
Of the Tetrahedron Molecular Bonding Regenerating Planet Theory
Of the Epimetheus and Prometheus Moons
Of the Hyperion Moon
Of the Astral Light Gas Giants
Of the Sungrazer Storm
Of the Variable T-Tauri Sun Theory
Of the Cosmic Dust Feeding Sun
Of the Three Million Times X-Flare White Sun
Of the T-Tauri Nova White Sun
Of the Fifth Moon of Pluto


Astral Light Star Formation
Astral Light Gravity Waves Create Universes and Etheric Matter
Of the Astral Etheric Solar System Theory
Of the Andromeda Brane Collision
Of the Andromedan Brown Dwarf Etheric Tunnel
Of the Cygnus X-1 Black Hole
Of the Zombie in a Penguin Suit Galaxy Collision
Of the Lunar “Big Splat” Theory Proven Wrong
Of the “Big Smashup Splat” Theory
Of the Lunar “Magma Splat Ball” Theory


“Soul of Earth” Polestar Sciences Part One
Of the “Quark-Gluon” Friction Free Etheric
Of the Etheric “Higgs Boson Field” Theory
Of the Waveform Potential Astral Etheric Hyper-Dimension
Of the Astral Light Radioactive Core Theory
Of the Non-Polarized Geomagnetic Vortex Theory


Of the Pole Star Vega Pole Star Sciences
Of the Northern Triangle Beehive Polestar Science
Of the “As Above So Below” Beehive
Of the Atlantean High House
Of the Orion Stargate
Of the Beehive Crown Diamond Planet
Of the Ringed Sunspot
Of the Venusian Martian Hybrid Soul