Of the Aztec ‘Calpullis’ Clan
Of the Aztec Jaguar Crocodile Skull Chief
Of the Atzompa Metate Stone
Of the Lighting of the Flame Ceremony
Of the Aztec Skull Rack
Of the Aztec Ceremonial Platform
Of the Lady Zapopan Monster


Of the Bogota Beehive Gold Mask
Of the Silver Breastplate and Mask
Of the Sacred Warfare Monolith
Of the Mayan Limestone Sculptors
Of the Lambayeque Tomb
Of the Mayan Tonina Tomb
Of the Sun and Moon Pyramids
Of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent
Of the Mayan “Night Sun” Temple


Of the Porto Real Games
Of the Chocolate Machu Picchu
“Turn Right at Machu Picchu”
Of the Tocantins River Games
Of the Atitlan Lake Submerged City

Native American

Of the White Buffalo Calf Lightning Medicine Cloud
Canadian Pow Wow
Thunder in the Desert Pow Wow
Native American Pow Wow Rain
Of the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow
Of the Cherokee Wolf Pack

Birds of Prey

Of the Akzhelke Golden Eagle Hunter
Of the White Tailed Eagles
Of the White Tailed Eagle Hunting

Of the Snowstorm Snow Owl
Of the Snowy Owl Migration
Of the Arctic Snowy Owls
Inti ‘Inca Sun God’ Condor
Saker Falcon Hunting
Sayat Hawk Hunting
Kazakh Hare Hunting
Of the Newly-Hatched Philippine Hawk-Eagle
Of the Philippine Serpent Eagles
Of the Golden Eagle Hunting
Kazakh Hawk Hunting
Of the Osprey Eagles
Of the Squamish River Eagles
Of the Norwegian Flatanger Golden Eagles
Of the African Cape Vultures
Of the Peruvian Bird Dung Farms